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Exciting Travel Packages for Non-Profit Live & Silent Auction Events

               Support Your Fundraising Efforts

AuctionABC provides attractive travel packages that will generate interest and bidding excitement among guests at your next benefit auction. Best of all, AuctionABC helps you raise more money for your cause with no risk to your organization. Simply reserve the packages with one of AuctionABC's associates, sell the packages at your event, then order the packages that are sold. Your organization keeps the difference between the winning bid and the package cost. And if you don't sell it, there is no cost to you!

Step 1:  Prior to your event, reserve travel & event packages.  Browse through our package offerings or speak with one of our associates to find the travel and event packages that are ideal for your event.


Step 2:  Download presentation materials for use at your Auction.  Links to the presentation files are found on each package description page.


Step 3:  Offer Items at your Event.  Work with your auctioneer and staff to maximize your fundraising revenue by selling each package multiple times during your event.


Step 4:  After your event, contact AuctionABC for invoicing and to purchase the packages that you sold.  AuctionABC will email an invoice that provides 30-day payment terms.

                             Event Director Comments

"I am extremely impressed with your product, your professionalism and service!!" - K.L.

"We had a wonderful night on Saturday!  ...we sold 5 of the AuctionABC packages!  Thanks so much for your help, especially at the 11th hour!"

                  Sell Packages Multiple Times:
Maximize your fundraising revenue by selling each package multiple times during your event.  When the bidding on a travel package begins to slow, have your auctioneer stop the bidding and sell the travel package to each remaining bidder.